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reLink Medical Supports Ukraine Conflict With Surgical Donations

The war in Ukraine is evolving rapidly, displacing civilians throughout the country and creating a national health and humanitarian crisis. Working closely with the non-profit organization Orthopedic Help for Ukraine, reLink Medical has partnered with this newly formed nonprofit in a mission to relieve the pressure from the European public health system and improve the funding and provision of disposables and consumable materials. reLink is also assisting in the procurement of spare parts and necessary medical equipment and supplies to the orthopedic and surgery departments of Ukrainian hospitals.

Focusing on health care and emergency services, care to patients in critical conditions, surgery and other specialized services, surgical procedures, and complete care to injured patients, care is supported with special prosthesis and life-saving surgical kits, tools, and other implants. The Ukraine war effort is an example of recent charitable collaborations intended to provide support for our community, both globally and closer to home. Currently, reLink Medical works closely with other international partners including The Dalton Foundation and the Haiti Health Network to obtain and refurbish appropriate medical equipment for low-to-middle income countries like Haiti. Through their reLink360 program, the Dalton Foundation has been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and obtain new donation partners to bring large-scale systemic solutions to medical equipment challenges in foreign hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics.

With war now raging throughout the country of Ukraine and surrounding areas, a team of reLink Medical employees including President and CEO Jeff Dalton, VP of Products Shane O’Brien, Surgical Product Manger Derek Thompson and Surgical Techs Greg Bialko and Christy Koher moved mission-critical surgical supplies and equipment to overwhelmed healthcare facilities inside Ukraine. These supplies will assist doctors, staff, and patients in the coming months in specialized surgical procedures. reLink wants to ensure that healthcare facilities in areas that have seen conflict but where the invader has been pushed back are restocked with critical supplies all while providing the support needed to restore care to the community and its citizens.

“I could not express how grateful we are for all you have done and what your company is doing for us”, said Janine Ignatenko of Orthopedic Help for Ukraine. “Thanks to your efforts, the Ternopil Regional Clinic has already received 2 shipments of vitally important medical devices. These supplies will positively impact the quality of lives and save future lives of the victims of the war with Russia. We would like to thank everyone who took part in raising the funds and made it possible to purchase a huge amount of the vitally needed medical devices, which will save the limbs for hundreds of innocent victims of the war. There are no words to express how grateful we are.”

About the Partnership:

The Orthopedic department of Ternopil Hospital, which Orthopedic Help for Ukraine supports, uses modern technology and provides a full range of orthopedic services for the treatment and rehabilitation of injured patients. It is extremely difficult to save the limb from amputation without special medical products, such as implants and surgical kits.  Donations and medical products from reLink Medical, who sold the nonprofit the stock medical products at the maximum lowest price. This enables the organization to provide medical products to a maximum possible number of Ukrainian patients.  With 2 recent shipments already delivered from reLink Medical and more on the way, reLink Medical will equip the clinic with valuable surgical tools that are desperately lacking. Having quality care close to home can mean the difference between life and death for many in the region.