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SKU Inv-8000193680

Ohmeda Medical BiliBlanket Plus Phototherapy Lights & Biliblankets

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OEM: Ohmeda Medical
Material: BiliBlanket Plus
Common name: Phototherapy Lights & Biliblankets
Weight: 6
Location: Twinsburg, OH 44087
Serial Number: None
SKU#: Inv-8000193680

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BiliBlanket Plus High Output pad, which can be identified by the gray cable, provides higher intensity levels than the original BiliBlanket Plus High Output pad with the white cable. Both pads can be used with the BiliBlanket Plus High Output or BiliBlanket Plus High Output light source box, however, the pad with the white cable will provide lower intensity levels.

The Ohmeda BiliBlanket Plus High Output Phototherapy System uses a fiber optic cable to deliver light from a high intensity lamp to a woven fiber optic pad. The pad is placed in a disposable cover that is in contact with the patient. The patient is exposed to light in the ideal 400 to 550 nanometer range for phototherapy treatment.

On units with the transilluminator option, unfiltered light in the visible spectrum travels through a flexible light pipe to appear at the tip of the transilluminator cable. The light from the cable is used to facilitate vascular sticks or injections. It is also used to find pneumothoraces.

The BiliBlanket Plus High Output Phototherapy system consists of a light source unit and a light pad with a four foot long fiber optic cable. The light source unit contains a lamp, light filters, a variable power supply for the light source, a cooling system and overheating protection near the lamp.

The light source lamp is a high intensity, tungsten halogen bulb with a built-in reflector. The reflector is coated with a dichroic surface which reduces the infrared energy transmitted. This bulb is specifically manufactured for use with the BiliBlanket Plus High Output.

A light filter, positioned in front of the lamp, rejects light outside the 400 to 550 nanometer range. This filter blocks nearly all ultra-violet and infrared light; only the blue light is allowed to pass. This filtered light is focused on the inlet of the fiber optic cable.

Light intensity may be selected by the front panel brightness rotary control. Control range is from 19± 4.75 µW/cm2/nm at full counter clockwise to 45± 11.25 µW/cm2/nm at full clockwise with a medium detent at 32± 8 µW/cm2/nm. See Light Output Measurement Procedures in Section 4 for precise light output measurement.