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Philips IntelliVue M4841A Telemetry Transmitter S02 ECG & SpO2

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The pocket-sized Philips IntelliVue M4841A telemetry transmitter is easy to connect and comfortable to wear. Its cable-less design cuts the clutter and enhances care and mobilization of patients throughout a facility. This compact, lightweight transmitter ensures accurate and dependable near-real-time transfer of vital signs to the information center.

With two options, the TRx+ with ECG and SpO2 monitoring and the TRx with ECG-only monitoring, the M4841A is adaptable to your clinic's needs. The device is equipped with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, eliminating the need to frequently order, replace and dispose of batteries. Unit operates within FCC allocated radio bands of 1395-1400 MHz and 1427-1432 MHz.

  • Smart hopping technology locates the strongest available signal wherever the patient is located
  • Bi-directional data with Cellular WMTS infrastructure for two-way communication between transceivers and the IntelliVue Information Center
  • Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to provide untethered in-room access to ECG/SpO2 data in near-real time
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • FAST-SpO2 (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) continually monitored or Spot Check with sensor LED indicator reliable measurement completed
  • Battery gauge on transmitter
  • Out-of-range audible alert
  • Auto-resume of monitoring when a device comes back into network range
  • Configurable volume levels

Condition: Refurbished/Patient Ready

Warranty: 90 Days

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