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SKU Inv-8000212687

Stryker Medical RemB Driver Micro Drill Sag Osc Recip Saw Instrument Set

Original price $3,600.00 - Original price $3,600.00
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$3,600.00 - $3,600.00
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OEM: Stryker Medical
Material: RemB Driver Micro Drill Sag Osc Recip Saw
Common name: Instrument Set
Accessories: Recip Saw, 6400-037-000 6400-015-000 Drill Oscil saw 6400-031 Sag Saw 6400-034-000 Driver 6400-099-000 5100-004 Cbls 2 6400-9 Switch 2 5100-015-250 MD Attach 1/4" Drill 4100-131 5/32" Drill 4100-132 AO Drill 4100-110 Wire & Pin Collet T-Latch
Weight: 19
Location: Twinsburg, OH 44087
Serial Number: 07713154938353
SKU#: Inv-8000212687

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