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SKU Inv-8000204524

Thermage TG-2B CPT Laser

Original price $3,000.00 - Original price $3,000.00
Original price
$3,000.00 - $3,000.00
Current price $3,000.00
OEM: Thermage
Material: TG-2B
Common name: CPT Laser
Weight: 93
Location: Twinsburg, OH 44087
Serial Number: G0809037
SKU#: Inv-8000204524
Functional Condition: Non Functional
Cosmetic Condition: Used - Poor
Optional Notes: System powers on, display and control panel appear to respond. System cannot be checked further at it needs a new patient data card and accessories for any additional tests. Unable to advance past the error screen without a good data card. From door cover is missing on the unit.

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The Thermage CPT (Thermacool) system represents a new age of non-surgical skin tightening.

Using Comfort Pulse Technology and a vibrating handpiece, patients feel more comfort, and zero time off of work. The redesigned treatment tips deliver more uniformed heat distribution which leads to better tissue heating. More tissue is heated to optimal target temperatures and in turn more collagen is denatured.

Superior results and greater patient comfort are at the core of the new system, which leverages our proprietary Comfort Pulse Technology� and a vibrating handpiece for more comfortable treatments.