Histology and Pathology

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Microm HM 550 P CryostatMicrom HM 550 P Cryostat
Pelco Vibratome 3000 Sectioning SystemPelco Vibratome 3000 Sectioning System
Microm HM 355S MicrotomeMicrom HM 355S Microtome
Microm HM 5050 EP Cryostat MicrotomeMicrom HM 5050 EP Cryostat Microtome
SAKURA Tissue- Tek Auto Write Alt-191SAKURA Tissue- Tek Auto Write Alt-191
Surgipath 3800 Tissue Float BathSurgipath 3800 Tissue Float Bath
Dako USA PTLink   PT10027 Rinse StationDako USA PTLink   PT10027 Rinse Station

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