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reLink Connect

With 3 locations processing more than 10,000 medical devices a month from over 3,000 healthcare facilities, reLink Online is the largest and leading independent medical equipment marketplace. Browse our online marketplace featuring thousands of medical devices and equipment from the top OEM’s.

Featuring 10 unique purchasing channels that include phone, web, ecommerce, global product managers, auctions and more, we present our medical equipment inventory to buyers just like you and focus on the right channel, the right product, and the right price – all at the right time. We’ve created a global marketplace for buyers and are proud to make medical equipment accessible through our multiple ways to browse, shop, purchase, buy and ship.

Continually looking to offer you more ways to buy drop-shipped products and always seeking to expand our offerings beyond phone sales, we have discovered an opportunity to improve our current process and look to offer you better insights, visibility, and capabilities. We continue to reduce logistics costs and increase buying power for our valued customers through our new sales channel, reLink Connect. With this innovative and buyer-focused channel, we offer our customers and buyers a better selection of inventory and services.

Committed to continuing our core value proposition of phone sales and sales from our 3 locations, reLink Connect is a new and exciting method for buyers to purchase equipment direct from hospitals and healthcare facilities. With items directly sourced from 100+ leading healthcare networks and top hospital systems, reLink Connect is designed to post the latest inventory of medical equipment still in healthcare facilities directly to you. View information about the medical equipment, including photos, equipment information and more. Click on the “Connect With Us Now” button to purchase and experience the difference with our team of dedicated, in-house product managers.

Through reLink Connect, we are facilitating making an offer on products that are still in hospitals and healthcare facilities. These products may include those outside of a strategic area, products currently installed, those that may require an inspection or large lots of medical devices. We feature fixed and mobile devices, imaging, surgical, lab and biomedical modalities, offering top names in medical devices and a wide array of products.

reLink collects product information and posts it on reLink Connect. Browse our collection of images, product information, and other specifications, including date of manufacture, functionality, and more. We will send emails to you, our network of valued buyers, about the products you are interested in and interested parties can engage with our dedicated team of Product Managers. With any questions and answers completed, we will submit your offer to the hospital or healthcare facility. reLink awards the winning bid to the highest bidder, and the buyer is given the contact instructions for the hospital or facility. Once the buyer contacts the facility, the removal is completed directly.

What type of medical equipment would you like to receive notifications about? Click on the link to complete a few questions so we can send you the latest updates in medical equipment as soon as it becomes available.

Check out our recently launched reLink Connect site with a wide variety of medical devices coming directly from the top hospital systems and healthcare facilities. As always, a dedicated team of professional Product Managers stand ready to answer any questions and will act as a liaison between you and the facility, making your shopping experience fast, simple, and always connected.