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GE Mac 5500 Resting ECG/EKG System

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Refurbished GE Mac 5500 ECGs with Color Display, which is designed for high volume ECG environments, the GE MAC 5500 ECG System offers a complete suite of advanced ECG analysis programs and combined with MobileLink™ wireless ECG workflow solutions, the GE MAC 5500 helps you capture, analyze, and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence.

The GE MAC 5500 ECG interpretive electrocardiograph with 12- or 15-lead analysis, full-sized paper format, alphanumeric keypad and standard monochrome waveform display. It features the industry standard Marquette 12 interpretation analysis program for adult and pediatric interpretation.

The available options include data transmission, remote query, Hi-Res, and color display.

This unit operates on an AC powerline or can be battered operated.

Our Recertified GE Mac 5500 ECG machine includes:

  • One set of GE Mac 5500 banana connectors
  • One set of alligator clip adapters
  • GE Cam 14 ECG Acquisition Module
  • GE ECG Paper
  • Patient cable
  • Patient leadwires
  • Power cord and battery
  • GE Mac 5500 Operator’s manual
  • Field service manual
  • Resting ECG physician’s guide

Features on these Refurbished GE Mac 5500 ECGs include:
Marquette 12 SL Interpretation
GE purchased Marquette, the company responsible the for Interpretation algorithm that every ECG uses a variation of to this day.

Enables the printing of 12SL diagnosis on ECG reports
All leads are on the printout as well as the interpretation of the image that the leads give of the heart.

A single button allows for the printing, storage, and transmission of ECG waveforms.

Gender and age-specific Interpretation Color
The MAC 5500 allows for gender and age-specific interpretation and represents that on-screen with different color options for each. The GE Mac 5000 is also capable of detecting a pacemaker and adapting to the signals that come from it to obtain an accurate picture of the state of the heart.

Data Transfer Options
The GE MAC 5500 has several options for data transfer which can include fax modem, a built-in ethernet port, and wireless communication. These are extremely useful in connecting to an EMR system such as GE’s MUSE.

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